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Yellowstone Treasures: The Traveler’s Companion to the National Park

Yellowstone Treasures

This is widely considered the best overall guidebook to Yellowstone National Park. There are better books for specific subjects, such as hiking, thermal features, or photo books, but there are few better general guidebooks (for any park) than this one. A highly recommended purchase for anyone planning to travel to Yellowstone.

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Hiking Yellowstone National Park

Hiking Yellowstone

This is the Yellowstone National Park entry in the extensive Falcon Guides series. With few exceptions, they are very good at what they do, and we like to have a consistent format to get used to. Like most books in the Falcon series, there is also a much shorter “Best Easy Day Hikes” companion book, that describes only the shorter hikes. It is listed next.

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Best Easy Day Hikes Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone Day Hikes

This is the Yellowstone National Park entry in the extensive Falcon Guides Best Easy Day Hikes series. This is the shorter version of the book above. It focuses on the shorter, easier hikes in the book, although some can still be quite steep. There is less general information, and the trail information is more abbreviated, but if all you plan to do is the quick and easy trails, you can save a little money over the full guide above.

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Top Trails Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

Top Trails Yellowstone Grand Teton

This is another hiking guidebook for Yellowstone National Park. Unlike the books above, this one also includes trails in nearby Grand Teton National Park. If you’re planning to do hiking in both parks, it is a good choice.

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The Geysers of Yellowstone, 5th Edition

The Geysers of Yellowstone

This is an amazing book. It describes, in painstaking detail, the location and activity of nearly every thermal feature in Yellowstone National Park, including many unnamed ones. It is a required purchase for anyone that plans to do some serious geyser watching in the park. It’s a fascinating read.

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Photographing Yellowstone National Park

Photographing Yellowstone

This is a great little book on photographing Yellowstone National Park. I often hear people say “its impossible to take bad photos here”. That may be true, to a point, but it can take several hours to go from one location to another. This book helps you get the most of your time by telling you the best times to be at certain places.

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Yellowstone National Park (Images of America)

Yellowstone Images of America

This book is part of the Images of America series. It contains history and stories, along with a large number of historical photographs. Yellowstone has a long and rich history as the oldest national park, making this a very interesting book.

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Spectacular Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

Spectacular Yellowstone and Grand Teton

This is a beautiful hardcover photo book of both Yellowstone National Park and nearby Grand Teton National Park. It is a huge, high quality book that belongs on the coffee table of anyone who loves these parks.

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