Yellowstone National Park Scenic Drives Locator Map
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Yellowstone National Park Entrance Sign
East Entrance
The entrance sign welcomes you to Yellowstone National Park.
Entrance Station
The road passes through the entrance station here. The park entrance fee must be paid or a valid pass shown.
Sylvan Falls in Yellowstone National Park
Sylvan Falls
On the right is a paved pullout area with a stone wall. Beyond the wall is a very high waterfall, informally named Sylvan Falls. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to get a good view of it from the overlook, and a better view requires dangerous scrambling around that is not recommended.
Crecelius Cascade in Yellowstone National Park
Crecelius Cascade
A nice waterfall, the Crecelius Cascade, is on the left. Limited pullout space is available to stop and walk up the slope for a closer look.
Sylvan Lake in Yellowstone National Park
Sylvan Lake
The road passes by Sylvan Lake. Just beyond this is the Sylvan Lake Picnic Area.
Lake Butte Overlook in Yellowstone National Park
Lake Butte Road
A side road is on the right. This one mile long road leads upwards to a sweeping view of Lake Yellowstone known as the Lake Butte Overlook.
Sedge Bay in Yellowstone National Park
Sedge Bay
A parking area for Sedge Bay is on the left. This is a popular launching place for small watercraft.
Steamboat Point in Yellowstone National Park
Steamboat Point
The road goes by a small parking area for Steamboat Point. This is a relatively calm geothermal area right on the bank of Lake Yellowstone.
Storm Point Trailhead
The road passes by the parking area for the Storm Point Trailhead. This is an easy 1.5 mile loop trail to Storm Point. Rangers frequently lead hikes on this trail.
Pelican Creek in Yellowstone National Park
Pelican Valley Nature Trail
The parking area for the Pelican Valley Nature Trail is on the left. This is an easy half mile loop trail, mostly on boardwalks, through a marshy area near Lake Yellowstone. Like nearby Storm Point Trail, rangers often lead hikes on this route.
Fishing Bridge RV Park
The entrance to the Fishing Bridge RV Park is on the right. This is the only place in the park that offers RV hookups. It is operated by park concessioner Xanterra, and reservations are possible.
Fishing Bridge Visitor Center & Services
The Fishing Bridge Visitor Center, store, and service station are on the right.
Fishing Bridge
The road crosses the Yellowstone River just north of Lake Yellowstone on the Fishing Bridge. Although now prohibited, it used to be a popular place to fish from.
Fishing Bridge Junction
The road arrives at Fishing Bridge Junction. A left turn joins the Grand Loop Road on the Fishing Bridge to West Thumb section. A right turn enters the Canyon to Fishing Bridge section.

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