Grand Teton National Park Locator Map

Fast Facts

Total Area
309,994 acres
Annual Visitation
2,705,256 in 2012 (view all years)
Creation Date
February 26, 1929
Entrance Fee
$25 per car per week
Time Zone
Lowest Elevation
6,310 feet at Fish Creek
Highest Elevation
13,770 feet on Grand Teton
Lowest Average Temp
2F in January
Record Low Temp
-63F in 1933
Highest Average Temp
78F in July
Record High Temp
92F in 2003
Our Last Visit
July 2009

Park Contact Information

Grand Teton National Park
P.O. Drawer 170, Moose, WY 83012-0170
Info at (307) 739-3300
Fax to (307) 739-3438

Park Creation Timeline

On February 26, 1929 Grand Teton National Park is created.
Jackson Hole National Monument is created
The national monument is combined with the national park, creating one large park.

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