Everglades National Park

Everglades Fast Facts

How big is Everglades National Park?

Everglades covers a total area of 1,507,850 acres or 2,356 square miles.

How many people visit Everglades National Park?

942,130 people visited Everglades in 2021. A table showing all years can be found at Everglades Visitation Stats.

When was Everglades National Park created?

Everglades was made a national park on May 30, 1934.

What are the highest and lowest elevations in Everglades National Park?

Everglades’ lowest point is 0 feet at the Gulf of Mexico. The highest point in Everglades is 8 feet at multiple locations.

What time zone is Everglades National Park located in?

Everglades is in the Eastern Time Zone.

How much does it cost to enter Everglades National Park?

$30 per private vehicle per week.

Five Random Facts About Everglades

one Most national parks are created to preserve geographic features. Everglades was the first national park meant specifically to protect a highly endangered ecosystem.

two Everglades National Park is the third largest national park in the lower 48 United States, behind Death Valley and Yellowstone.

three Despite its large size, Everglades National Park protects only the southern 20% of the original Everglades ecosystem. It originates at Lake Okeechobee, but the natural flow is highly altered by a complex system of canals and gates.

four The Everglades are one of only three locations in the world to be listed as an International Biosphere Reserve, a World Heritage Site, and a Wetland of International Importance.

five Everglades National Park is one of relatively few places on Earth where you may see both alligators and saltwater crocodiles, sometimes in the same body of water. Crocodiles are seen much less often than alligators; one of the best places to see them is usually the Flamingo Marina.

Where is Everglades National Park?

Everglades National Park is located at the southern tip of Florida, preserving a relatively small portion of the original Everglades ecosystem. This still makes it the third largest US national park outside of Alaska. The cities of Homestead and Florida City are near the most visited portion of the park. Further directions and maps can be found at Getting to Everglades.