About Grand Teton Weather

Grand Teton National Park weather is typical of the northern Rockies region. Summers are short but warm, with frequent afternoon thunderstorms. Even in summer the nights are quite cool. Spring and fall can be pleasant, but the potential for winter weather is high, and often occurs with little or no warning. Winter is long and cold, with heavy snows.

Month Avg High Avg Low Record High Record Low Avg Pcpt
January 27251/1974-52/19303.22"
February 33460/1915-63/19332.37"
March 411363/2004-43/19222.24"
April 492173/1987-28/19452.00"
May 583082/19365/19292.32"
June 693892/192618/19291.53"
July 784292/200323/19881.35"
August 774192/200319/19281.27"
September 683487/19247/19261.40"
October 552679/1934-11/19171.59"
November 371664/1999-45/19382.88"
December 27553/1939-50/19242.99"
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