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Virgin Islands National Park, along with the surrounding area, was devastated by Category 5 hurricanes in September 2017. Things are back to normal in many ways, as far as visitation goes. However, the Cinnamon Bay camping and lodging area remains closed. Many vacation rentals are open again, and many others are not.

Staying in the Virgin Islands

Cinnamon Bay Cabins in Virgin Islands National Park on the island of St. John

There is limited lodging within the boundaries of the national park, in the form of cabin and tent rentals in the Cinnamon Bay area. Some of these are shown to the left. For more information, see the cottages page on the park concessionaire’s site.

St. John overnight lodging options

Lodging on the island of St. John is mainly in the form of privately rented villas, with a few exceptions. There are small hotels in some areas, as well as a few lavish resorts. The price search link below will show you most of the choices. Just be aware that some of the results will actually be on the island of St. Thomas. For a convenient national park visit, you will want lodging on St. John.

Browse St. John vacation rentals

Browse St. John hotel reviews & prices

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