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Grand Canyon Fast Facts

  • Grand Canyon National Park covers a total area of 1,217,403 acres
  • The number of people visiting Grand Canyon in 2019 was 5,974,411 (All Years)
  • Grand Canyon was made a national park on February 26, 1919
  • The lowest elevation found in Grand Canyon is 1,200 feet at the Colorado River
  • The highest elevation found in Grand Canyon is 9,165 feet at North Rim Entrance
  • The entrance fee for Grand Canyon is $35 per vehicle per week
  • Grand Canyon National Park lies in the Mountain time zone

Random Facts About Grand Canyon

  • The average depth of Grand Canyon is about 1 mile, from rim to river. At its deepest point, it is about 6,000 feet deep.
  • Grand Canyon National Park is the top tourist destination in the state of Arizona, and the state proclaims itself “The Grand Canyon State”, even on its license plates.
  • While the two visited areas of Grand Canyon National Park, the North and South Rims, are only about 10 miles apart, a drive of over 5 hours is required to get between the two points.
  • The great depth of Grand Canyon reveals many rock layers spanning a massive length of time. The youngest layer is thought to be about 240 million years old, while the oldest rock is 1.7 billion years old.
  • Grand Canyon National Park is a pioneer in the park system’s environmental efforts. As of 2012, you cannot buy bottled water anywhere in the park; however, there are filling stations conveniently located around the developed areas for filling your own bottles. This is estimated to have eliminated 20% of the park’s trash.
  • The Grand Canyon is often included on the various “Seven Natural Wonders of the World” lists.
  • The park contains an amazing 129 types of plant communities. The major ones include the following. Along the Colorado River a riparian community exists. Coyote willow, arrowweed, seep willow, western honey mesquite, catclaw acacia are the main species. Up near the elevations found along the south rim, typical pinon pine woodlands and desert scrub can be found. As elevations increase, mostly along the north rim, forests dominated by ponderosa pine exist, with spruce-fir and sub-alpine grasslands taking over at the highest elevations.

Where is Grand Canyon National Park?

Grand Canyon National Park is located in a remote area of northern Arizona. The city of Williams is the nearest city of size, about an hour away from the South Rim. The town of Tusayan is adjacent to the South Rim entrance. There are no towns of any size in the area of the North Rim. Further directions and maps can be found at Getting to Grand Canyon.

More About Grand Canyon

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