Crater Lake National Park

Rim Drive (Part 2)

The Rim Drive encircles Crater Lake, allowing views of the lake from nearly every angle. We cover this road in three sections. Below is the second part, starting at Pinnacles Road and continuing to the North Entrance Road. For the other two sections, see Rim Drive Part 1 and Rim Drive Part 3.

Mile 8.4 – Phantom Ship Viewpoint

Phantom Ship Viewpoint in Crater Lake National Park in Oregon

Just beyond the Pinnacles Road is a small parking area on the left. This is the Phantom Ship Viewpoint. The Phantom Ship is a small formation in the lake that early explorers thought resembled a ship. It is actually a remnant of an ancient volcano, and is the oldest exposed rock in Crater Lake.

Mile 10.9 – Pumice Castle Viewpoint

A parking area is on the left for the Pumice Castle Viewpoint. Off to the right is the formation, on the side of the crater. It was erupted from Mount Mazama at some point in the past.

Mile 12.1 – Cloudcap Overlook

Cloudcap Overlook in Crater Lake National Park in Oregon

A side road on the left leads about a mile to the Cloudcap Overlook. This is the highest point on Rim Drive, at 7,865 feet. Twisted whitebark pines near the parking area show how harsh the climate is up here for most of the year.

Mile 12.4 – Mount Scott Trailhead

Mt Scott Trail in Crater Lake National Park in Oregon

The road passes by the parking area for the Mount Scott Trail on the right. This is a 2.5 mile hike to the highest point in the park, the summit of Mount Scott. The trail starts at 7,450 feet and gains 1,500 feet on the way, making it a difficult hike, especially for those not accustomed to the altitude.

Mile 14.7 – Lake in Legend Viewpoint

Lake in Legend Viewpoint in Crater Lake National Park in Oregon

On the left is the Lake in Legend display and viewpoint. A display here describes some of the legends and stories the Native Americans associated with the lake.

Mile 18.9 – Cleetwood Cove Trailhead

Cleetwood Cove Trail in Crater Lake National Park in Oregon

The parking area for the Cleetwood Cove Trail is on the right. Across the street, this trail descends steeply to the lake, and is the only place in the park where the shore can be reached. It is also where the boat tours on the lake depart from.

Mile 19.8 – Pumice Point Picnic Area

Pumice Point Picnic Area in Crater Lake National Park in Oregon

The Pumice Point Picnic Area is on the right.

Mile 23.5 – North Entrance Road

Pumice Desert in Crater Lake National Park in Oregon

The road approaches a stop sign. The Rim Drive continues to the left. The North Entrance road is to the right, passing through the Pumice Desert before reaching the North Entrance at 9.1 miles.

The Rim Drive Continues On

For the last section of Rim Drive, from the North Entrance Road to the end at South Entrance Road, see Rim Drive Part 3.