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Mammoth Cave Fast Facts

  • Mammoth Cave National Park covers a total area of 52,835 acres
  • The number of people visiting Mammoth Cave in 2019 was 551,590 (All Years)
  • Mammoth Cave was made a national park on July 1, 1941
  • The lowest elevation found in Mammoth Cave is 421 feet at the Green River
  • The highest elevation found in Mammoth Cave is 925 feet at Mammoth Cave Ridge
  • There is no entrance fee for Mammoth Cave National Park, but there are fees for cave tours
  • Mammoth Cave National Park lies in the Central time zone

Random Facts About Mammoth Cave

  • Mammoth Cave National Park has been designated both a World Heritage Site and an International Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.
  • The temperature inside Mammoth Cave is about 54°F, year-round. Temperatures near cave entrances can go a bit higher or lower.
  • Mammoth Cave has, so far, more than 390 miles of cave passage mapped, making Mammoth Cave by far the longest known cave in the world.

Where is Mammoth Cave National Park?

Mammoth Cave National Park is located in western Kentucky, in an area rich with many caves, not just Mammoth Cave. The appropriately named town of Cave City is just a few miles from the park and just off the highway, making it a convenient base. Further directions and maps can be found at Getting to Mammoth Cave.

More About Mammoth Cave

We have pages on all sorts of things about Mammoth Cave National Park. Choose from the menu above the map, or from right here. We have sections on Weather, Getting to the Park, Lodging, Camping, and pages to buy Books and Trail Maps. You could also check out the park’s Photo Gallery.

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