About Mammoth Cave Weather

Mammoth Cave National Park has a moderate climate, with often warm and humid conditions. Summers are very warm, and winters are cool but not usually cold. Southern Kentucky receives the highest average precipitation for the state, about 50 inches a year. Kentucky is located in a path several storm systems follow. Storms can occur all year, but most occur between March and September. Of course, within the cave the conditions are constant: cool and humid.

Month Avg High Avg Low Record High Record Low Avg Pcpt
January 442478/1998-20/19843.85"
February 512882/1962-21/19513.82"
March 603686/1963-6/19605.04"
April 714393/199518/19504.18"
May 785296/199127/19635.22"
June 8560105/195232/19504.65"
July 8965108/195240/19504.56"
August 8763104/198337/19503.62"
September 8256106/195430/19494.17"
October 714594/195318/19813.46"
November 593784/2003-8/19504.50"
December 482980/1951-18/19894.92"
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