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Voyageurs Fast Facts

  • Voyageurs National Park covers a total area of 218,054 acres
  • The number of people visiting Voyageurs in 2019 was 232,974 (All Years)
  • Voyageurs was made a national park on January 8, 1971
  • The lowest elevation found in Voyageurs is 1,108 feet at Rainy Lake
  • The highest elevation found in Voyageurs is 1,410 feet near Mead Wood Road
  • There is no entrance fee for Voyageurs National Park
  • Voyageurs National Park lies in the Central time zone

Where is Voyageurs National Park?

Voyageurs National Park is located in extreme northern Minnesota, sharing its northern boundary with Canada. The city of International Falls is the closest city of size. Further directions and maps can be found at Getting to Voyageurs.

More About Voyageurs

We have pages on several topics concerning Voyageurs National Park. We have sections on Weather, Getting to the Park, Lodging, and pages to buy Books and Trail Maps.

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