Isle Royale National Park
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Getting to Isle Royale National Park

Driving to Isle Royale

Isle Royale is an island in Lake Superior, and cannot be reached by car. The best you can do is get to one of the boat departure points, Houghton, Michigan or Grand Portage, Minnesota.

Flying to Isle Royale

There is a small airport in Houghton (CMX) with limited regional service. The nearest major airports to Houghton and Copper Harbor are in Duluth (DLH) and Green Bay (GRB), 5 hours away, and Minneapolis-Saint Paul (MSP), almost 7 hours away. The seaplane departure point is currently in Houghton, Michigan.

Official Park Map

Below is the official park map provided by the National Park Service. You can view either the original PDF file or a simple JPEG image file (some of these files can be quite large). Note that while this map is useful for general navigation around the park, if you plan to do any hiking, you should really have a proper Isle Royale Trail Map.

Isle Royale park map
Isle Royale Park Map