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Isle Royale Fast Facts

  • Isle Royale National Park covers a total area of 571,790 acres
  • The number of people visiting Isle Royale in 2019 was 26,410 (All Years)
  • Isle Royale was made a national park on March 3, 1931
  • The lowest elevation found in Isle Royale is 601 feet at Lake Superior
  • The highest elevation found in Isle Royale is 1,394 feet on Mount Desor
  • The entrance fee for Isle Royale is $7 per person per day
  • Isle Royale National Park lies in the Eastern time zone

Random Facts About Isle Royale

  • Isle Royale National Park is the only national park in the United States that completely closes in the offseason. The park is typically closed November through mid April.
  • The most common large mammals are moose and gray wolves. The interaction of these two species in the park has been extensively studied. On rare occasions Lake Superior completely freezes over in winter, allowing animals from the mainland to access the island.
  • Mosquitoes and black flies can be a severe nuisance on Isle Royale. The mosquitoes and black flies usually hatch in late May and early June. They are worst in late June and early July and normally start to die off near the end of July.

Where is Isle Royale National Park?

Isle Royale is located far out in Lake Superior, and can be reached only by charter boat or seaplane. The departure points are in Houghton and Copper Harbor, Michigan, and Grand Portage, Minnesota. Grand Portage is the closest to the park and the fastest trip by boat at a little over 2 hours. The boat trip from Houghton is 6 hours. Further directions and maps can be found at Getting to Isle Royale.

More About Isle Royale

We have pages on several things about Isle Royale National Park. Choose from the menu above the map, or from right here. We have sections on Weather, Getting to the Park, and pages to buy Books and Trail Maps.

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