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Indiana Dunes Fast Facts

  • Indiana Dunes National Park covers a total area of 15,177 acres
  • The number of people visiting Indiana Dunes in 2019 was 2,134,285 (All Years)
  • Indiana Dunes was made a national park on February 15, 2019
  • The lowest elevation found in Indiana Dunes is 597 feet at Lake Michigan
  • The highest elevation found in Indiana Dunes is variable, depending on dune heights
  • The entrance fee for Indiana Dunes is $25 per vehicle per week
  • Indiana Dunes National Park lies in the Central time zone

Random Facts About Indiana Dunes

  • Indiana Dunes is one of the newest national parks in the system, having been elevated from National Lakeshore to National Park in 2019.
  • Indiana Dunes includes approximately 25 miles of Lake Michigan shoreline.
  • WIthin the national park is Indiana Dunes State Park, an area of 2,182 acres, which is managed separately by the state of Indiana.
  • The National Park Service opposed changing Indiana Dunes from National Lakeshore to National Park, arguing that the lakeshore designation was (obviously) much more accurate.

Where is Indiana Dunes National Park?

Indiana Dunes is located along the shores of Lake Michigan and within easy reach of the major Chicago population center. As such, it is more heavily visited than most other parks of its size. Plenty of other towns and cities are close to the park, including Chesterton and Porter. Further directions and maps can be found at Getting to Indiana Dunes.

More About Indiana Dunes

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