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Going-to-the-Sun Road (Part 3)

The main developed part of Glacier is traversed by the Going-to-the-Sun Road, widely considered one of the best scenic drives in North America. We cover this amazing road in three sections. Part 3 runs from Logan Pass to the East Entrance. It is covered below. For the previous part, from Lake McDonald Lodge to Logan Pass, see Going-to-the-Sun Road Part 2.

Mile 32.9 – Cascade

Cascade East of Logan Pass in Glacier National Park in Montana

Shortly after Logan Pass is a small parking area and a stairstepping waterfall dropping down on the left (this may or may not be a permanently flowing stream, but was flowing well in early August 2007).

Mile 35.0 – Siyeh Bend

Siyeh Bend in Glacier National Park in Montana

The road makes a sweeping 180 degree turn back to the right at a place known as Siyeh Bend. At the end of the turn is a large parking area.

Mile 36.9 – Jackson Glacier viewpoint

Jackson Glacier in Glacier National Park in Montana

On the right is the best view of one of the remaining glaciers in the park, Jackson Glacier. Just beyond the viewpoint is the Gunsight Pass Trailhead.

Mile 39.1 – Saint Mary Falls Trailhead

Parking space for the Saint Mary Falls Trailhead is on the right. This is a very popular, and easy, hike to Saint Mary Falls.

Mile 39.8 – Sunrift Gorge

Sunrift Gorge in Glacier National Park in Montana

The road passes through the Sunrift Gorge area. Parking is available, and easy paths lead down to the gorge and under the bridge.

Mile 40.4 – Sun Point Nature Trail

Sun Point Nature Trail in Glacier National Park in Montana

A side road on the right leads to the Sun Point Nature Trail. This short trail offers non-stop amazing views of Saint Mary Lake all the way to Sun Point itself, shown at the left.

Mile 41.8 – Saint Mary Lake views

St Mary Lake in Glacier National Park in Montana

A long, paved pullout on the right offers some incredible views of Saint Mary Lake.

Mile 43.4 – Wild Goose Island viewpoint

Wild Goose Island in Glacier National Park in Montana

A parking area for the Wild Goose Island viewpoint is on the right.

Mile 44.1 – Rising Sun dock

The short side road and parking area for the Rising Sun boat dock is on the right. This is the departure point for boat tours on Saint Mary Lake.

Mile 44.2 – Rising Sun Campground

Rising Sun Campground in Glacier National Park in Montana

A turnoff to the left leads to the Rising Sun Campground, to the left, and the Rising Sun Motor Inn and restaurant, to the right. Just beyond this turnoff is another one for the Rising Sun Picnic Area.

Mile 49.5 – Saint Mary Campground

St Mary Campground in Glacier National Park in Montana

The Saint Mary Campground is on the left.

Mile 50.0 – Saint Mary Visitor Center

The Saint Mary Visitor Center is on the left. This is also where the Saint Mary shuttle route begins at. Out in front of the visitor center is the entrance station.

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