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Weather in Big Bend

Big Bend National Park is a generally dry place with low humidity. The rainy season from June to October includes heavy thunderstorms and some flash flooding. Things dry out quickly in the arid climate. Fall and spring are usually warm and pleasant. Summers are hot, although temperatures vary greatly between the desert floor and the Chisos Mountains; May and June are the hottest months. Winters are generally mild, although periods of cold weather, including light snow, are possible. The averages are taken from National Park Service data recorded at the Panther Junction area. This area is 5-10° warmer than the Chisos Basin area, and 5-10° cooler than the Rio Grande area. The records are taken from the nearest town to the park, Terlingua, which is just west of the park along TX-118. Terlingua’s weather is close to that of the Rio Grande area, and is 10-20° warmer than the Chisos Basin area.

Averages and Records at Big Bend

MonthAvg HighAvg LowRecord HighRecord LowAvg Precip

All temperatures are reported in Fahrenheit. All precipitation is reported in inches.

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