Acadia National Park – Trails Illustrated

This is National Geographic’s trail map of Acadia National Park, part of the well-known Trails Illustrated series. These maps are pretty much the standard for trail maps of the national parks, and many other areas. They are durable, detailed, and very readable. They are highly recommended purchases for anyone planning to do any hiking in the park.

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Acadia National Park Discovery Map

This is another map of Acadia National Park, intended for hiking, as well as biking and boating. It can be used together with its companion guide “Discover Acadia National Park”, which can be found in our Acadia Books section.

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Acadia National Park Waterproof Trail Map

This is another version of a topographic Acadia National Park trail map. This is waterproof and tear resistant, and is a good alternative to the Trails Illustrated map above if needed.

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