Glacier National Park Scenic Drives Locator Map
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West Entrance Sign in Glacier National Park
West Entrance
Just beyond the small town of West Glacier, the entrance sign welcomes you to Glacier National Park.
Park Offices Road
The road passes by a short side road leading to the park's offices.
Entrance Station
The road passes through the entrance station here. The park entrance fee must be paid or a valid pass shown.
Apgar Lookout & Glacier Institute
A side road leading to the Apgar Lookout Trail and the Glacier Institute is on the left.
Fish Creek Campground in Glacier National Park
Camas Road & Apgar Transit
Here the road arrives at a four way intersection. To the left is the Camas Road, which leads toward some of the more wild and remote areas of the park. The Fish Creek Campground, shown at left, is a short drive down this road. Straight ahead is the Apgar Transit Center, where the shuttles can be boarded in summer. To the right is the continuation of the Going-to-the-Sun Road.
Apgar Campground in Glacier National Park
Apgar Village
A road to the left leads to Apgar Village. This is a major developed area near the shore of Lake McDonald, offering a visitor center, a campground (at left), restaurants, shops, and lodging.
Lake McDonald in 2007 fires in Glacier National Park
Lake McDonald
The first of several opportunities to pull off the road along the shore of Lake McDonald is on the left. The beautiful Lake McDonald can be seen along a long section of the road.
Sprague Creek Campground in Glacier National Park
Sprague Creek Campground
Sprague Creek Campground is on the left. This campground is on the shore of Lake McDonald and is very popular, often filling up before any other campground on the west side.
Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier National Park
Lake McDonald Lodge
A road to the left leads to a large parking area and Lake McDonald Lodge. This is one of several in-park lodges operated by Glacier Park, Inc, the main concessioner in the park. See the Lodging Page.
The Going-to-the-Sun Road continues on. For the next section, see Going-to-the-Sun Road Part 2

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