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Getting to Great Sand Dunes National Park

Driving to Great Sand Dunes

Great Sand Dunes National Park can be reached off of US-160 east of the city of Alamosa. Turn onto CO-150 and follow it into the park. From within Alamosa, take CO-7 north to County Lane 6 and follow it east to CO-150 and the park.

Below you will find an interactive map showing the location of the visitor center in Great Sand Dunes. Following this are the official park maps provided by the National Park Service. You can view either the original PDF file or a simple JPEG image file (some of these files can be quite large). The map links will open in a new tab. Note that while these maps are useful for general navigation around the park, if you plan to do any hiking, you should really have a proper Great Sand Dunes Trail Map.

Flying to Great Sand Dunes

Below you will find a list of airports most convenient for a trip to Great Sand Dunes, listed in order of distance. For each airport we give useful links for further information on the airport, as well as flight and rental car bookings. These links already have the destination airport selected for your convenience. For price searches, simply enter your origin and dates.

Colorado Springs Municipal Airport (COS)

  • Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, 169 miles by car to Great Sand Dunes
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Santa Fe Regional Airport (SAF)

  • Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, 183 miles by car to Great Sand Dunes
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Denver International Airport (DEN)

  • Located well east of Denver, Colorado, 257 miles by car to Great Sand Dunes
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