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Gateway Arch Fast Facts

  • Gateway Arch National Park covers a total area of 91 acres
  • The number of people visiting Gateway Arch in 2019 was 2,055,309 (All Years)
  • Gateway Arch was made a national park on February 22, 2018
  • The lowest elevation found in Gateway Arch is 446 feet
  • The highest elevation found in Gateway Arch is 461 feet
  • The entrance fee for Gateway Arch is $3 per person (tram rides extra)
  • Gateway Arch National Park lies in the Central time zone

Random Facts About Gateway Arch

  • The Gateway Arch and the area around it was initially designated as a national memorial on December 21, 1935. It was made a national park, for reasons no one can explain, on February 22, 2018. Gateway Arch resembles, in no way, a site that is worthy of national park status. A National Memorial is exactly what it is, and should have remained.
  • The arch is the tallest structure in Missouri.It is 630 feet tall and 630 feet wide. A tram inside the arch can take visitors to the top, for a fee.
  • The Old Courthouse adjacent to the arch is a Civil War era building. It was the site of the local trials in the Dred Scott case. This case was one of things the Gateway Arch commemorates, along with the Louisiana Purchase and the resulting westward expansion, and the first city government west of the Mississippi River.

Where is Gateway Arch National Park?

Gateway Arch is located in downtown St. Louis, along the Mississippi River. This is a single memorial site, despite its incorrect designation of national park. It is the smallest, by a huge margin, of all the national parks.

More About Gateway Arch

We have pages on all sorts of things about Gateway Arch National Park. We have sections on Weather, Getting to the Park, Lodging, and pages to buy Books and Clothing.

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