National Park of American Samoa
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Getting to National Park of American Samoa

Driving to American Samoa

Obviously there is no driving to American Samoa. However, once you are there, there are some car rental options from local companies.

Flying to American Samoa

The only airport with service from the United States in American Samoa is in Pago Pago (PPG). This service is operated only by Hawaiian Airlines, twice per week from Honolulu (HNL). As such, most visitors first go to Honolulu, from where they must depart for Pago Pago. From elsewhere in the world, some other options are available.

For most national parks we list a number of airports that are convenient for a visit there. However, due to the limited flight availability to Pago Pago, it is usually easier to search and book directly with Hawaiian Airlines. In recent years, flights have operated on Mondays and Fridays.

Official Park Maps

Below are the official park maps provided by the National Park Service. You can view either the original PDF file or a simple JPEG image file (some of these files can be quite large).