About Shenandoah Weather

Shenandoah National Park's weather is dependent on elevation. In the lower elevations at the north end of Skyline Drive, summers are hot and winters are cool. Higher up the road, at Big Meadows and Skyland, the highest points on the road, the temperatures may be 10-15F cooler than the valleys. Precipitation is fairly constant throughout the year, with frequent snow and ice at the higher points during the winter. Ice storms in particular are common and can close the Skyline Drive for days or weeks. The statistics below are taken from the city of Front Royal, at the park's northern end. As stated above, the popular areas of Big Meadows and Skyland, along with much of the park, will be significantly cooler.

Month Avg High Avg Low Record High Record Low Avg Pcpt
January 421978/1967-10/19612.40"
February 452176/1976-6/19672.60"
March 553088/19633/19603.00"
April 653994/196015/19753.30"
May 754896/195626/19664.30"
June 835698/196435/19663.70"
July 8661102/196645/19794.10"
August 855999/195941/19684.30"
September 795298/196527/19633.70"
October 684090/196214/19693.90"
November 583284/19748/19773.70"
December 462284/1965-8/19602.80"

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