About Saguaro Weather

Saguaro National Park's weather is typical of the desert southwest. Summers are extremely hot, with thunderstorms occurring late in the season. Spring and fall are usually warm. Winters are the ideal time to visit, with mild daytime temperatures and cool nights. The statistics below are taken from the city of Tucson, and are repreentative of the lower elevations of the park where most visitation takes place. The mountains, of course, will have somewhat lower temperatures.

Month Avg High Avg Low Record High Record Low Avg Pcpt
January 664288/19276/19131.04"
February 704592/195717/18990.96"
March 754999/198820/19650.88"
April 8254104/198927/19450.33"
May 9163111/191032/18990.20"
June 10072117/199043/19080.28"
July 10177114/199549/19111.93"
August 9975112/199355/19172.23"
September 9571107/200043/19131.24"
October 8560102/199326/19711.21"
November 744894/192419/19210.68"
December 664285/193910/19011.02"
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