Saguaro National Park Locator Map

Fast Facts

Total Area
91,445 acres
Annual Visitation
634,286 in 2012 (view all years)
Creation Date
October 14, 1994
Entrance Fee
$10 per vehicle per week
Time Zone
Lowest Elevation
2,500 feet on desert floor
Highest Elevation
8,666 feet on Mica Mountain
Lowest Average Temp
42F in January
Record Low Temp
6F in 1913
Highest Average Temp
101F in July
Record High Temp
117F in 1990
Our Last Visit
May 2007

Park Contact Information

Saguaro National Park
3693 Old Spanish Trail, Tucson, AZ 85730
Info at (520) 733-5153
Fax to (520) 733-5183

Park Creation Timeline

On March 1, 1933 Saguaro National Monument is created.
On October 14, 1994, the monument is redesignated a national park.

Animals and Plants

Mammals in the park include bobcats, mountain lions, black bears, raccoons, ringtails, coyote, foxes, bats, javelina, badgers, skunks, rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks.
Many signature reptile species are found in the desert, including Gila monsters, desert tortoises, western coral snakes, six species of rattlesnakes, and eastern collared and desert spiny lizards.
Common desert birds include greater roadrunners, Gila woodpeckers, and Gambel's quail. Northern goshawks, yellow-eyed juncos, and Mexican jays can be found in the mountain zones.
There are more than 1,162 species of plants ranging from desert vegetation such as cacti, ocotillo, and creosote in the lower elevations all the way to ponderosa pine, oak, and Douglas fir in the upper elevations of the Rincon Mountains.

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