About Redwood Weather

Redwood National Park is defined by its proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Temperatures are nearly constant year round along the redwood coastline, but quickly become warmer or colder depending on season as you move away from the coast. Redwoods require constant moisture, and rely on the fog that envelopes the coast in the summer while precipitation is low. Winters have large amounts of precipitation. The statistics below are taken from Crescent City, located along the Pacific Coast. Its conditions are representative of the popular redwood and coastal areas of the park.

Month Avg High Avg Low Record High Record Low Avg Pcpt
January 544075/198122/196210.15"
February 544178/196424/19899.18"
March 554276/198628/20029.22"
April 574390/195130/19765.13"
May 604692/197032/19643.13"
June 634893/197037/19991.57"
July 655083/197840/19790.40"
August 665191/196841/19990.74"
September 664993/196436/19501.67"
October 634593/199129/20024.56"
November 574279/195025/19649.84"
December 543980/198019/199011.23"
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