Lake Clark National Park Locator Map

Fast Facts

Total Area
4,030,025 acres
Annual Visitation
11,639 in 2012 (view all years)
Creation Date
December 2, 1980
Entrance Fee
Time Zone
Lowest Elevation
0 feet at Pacific Ocean
Highest Elevation
10,197 feet on Mount Redoubt
Lowest Average Temp
7F in January
Record Low Temp
-55F in 1971
Highest Average Temp
67F in July
Record High Temp
89F in 2004
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Park Contact Information

Lake Clark National Park
240 W 5th Ave Ste 236, Anchorage, AK 99501
Info at (907) 644-3626
Fax to (907) 781-2119

Park Creation Timeline

On November 16, 1978, Lake Clark National Monument is created along with 15 others.
On December 2, 1980, the monument is changed to a national park, along with all other Alaskan national parks, by the Alaska Native Interests Land Conservation Act.

Animals and Plants

Large mammals include caribou, grizzly bears, moose, wolves, and Dall sheep. Smaller mammals include coyotes, wolverines, lynx, voles, and arctic ground squirrels.
There are very few reptiles and amphibians anywhere in Alaska due to the cold temperatures.
The park's diversity of habitat, from coastal waters to frozen peaks, leads to a wide variety of bird species. The NPS has prepared a bird checklist for the park, available here.

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