Joshua Tree National Park Scenic Drives Locator Map
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Park Entrance
After following Utah Trail for 3.5 miles south from the town of Twentynine Palms, the entrance sign welcomes you to Joshua Tree National Park. The road changes names to Park Boulevard at this point.
Entrance Station
The road passes through the entrance station here. The park entrance fee must be paid or a valid pass shown.
Pinto Basin Road in Joshua Tree National Park
Pinto Basin Road
Pinto Basin Road is on the left. This road leads 38.9 miles to the South Entrance, through a very remote area. Interstate 10 lies a few miles beyond the boundary.
Split Rock Picnic Area in Joshua Tree National Park
Live Oak & Split Rock Picnic Area
Short side roads lead both directions to two picnic areas, Live Oak and Split Rock. The latter is pictured to the right, with its namesake formation.
Skull Rock in Joshua Tree National Park
Skull Rock
Skull Rock is visible on the left. The Skull Rock Nature Trail begins from here as well. This is one of the most well-known features in the park. Giant boulders and rock jumbles are all over this area of the park, but this one resembles a human skull.
Jumbo Rocks Campground in Joshua Tree National Park
Jumbo Rocks Campground
The road to Jumbo Rocks Campground is on the left.
Geology Tour Road
Geology Tour Road is on the left.
Big Horn Pass Road
The road passes by Big Horn Pass Road.
Sheep Pass Group Campground
The access road to Sheep Pass Group Campground is on the left. This group campground requires advance reservations.
Ryan Mountain Trail in Joshua Tree National Park
Ryan Mountain Trailhead
Parking for the Ryan Mountain Trailhead is on the left. This trail leads over a mile to the summit of Ryan Mountain. It is of moderate difficulty and should not be tried in the heat of the day.
Hall of Horrors in Joshua Tree National Park
Hall of Horrors
The road passes by a parking area for the Hall of Horrors climbing area. The rocky area is also covered with joshua trees, making it a nice scenic stop as well.
Oyster Bar in Joshua Tree National Park
Oyster Bar
The road passes by another parking area, this for the Oyster Bar climbing area. Besides the climbing opportunities, this is another good scenic stop.
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