About Virgin Islands Weather

Virgin Islands National park has similar temperatures throughout the year. The only real differences are precipitation levels. The driest part of the year is January to April, with the wettest time occurring in autumn. The dry season coincides with the highest visitations.

Month Avg High Avg Low Record High Record Low Avg Pcpt
January 796891/199062/19932.92"
February 806789/197960/19932.49"
March 826889/199560/19932.18"
April 846995/199262/19933.33"
May 857193/199564/19864.59"
June 867395/199565/19932.78"
July 877395/199166/19953.27"
August 877396/199366/19934.40"
September 867395/199161/19926.14"
October 857292/199064/19925.25"
November 827191/199163/19927.04"
December 806987/198960/19914.40"

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