About Joshua Tree Weather

Joshua Tree National Park has an arid desert climate. It is dry year-round, with occasional, brief thunderstorms occurring in late summer. Summer days are extremely hot and often windy. For this reason, the summer is the park's off-season. Winter temperatures are pleasant during the day, although it can get cold at night. There can be occasional light snow at the highest elevations of the park. Spring and fall bring warm days and pleasant nights.

Month Avg High Avg Low Record High Record Low Avg Pcpt
January 643685/200313/19740.56"
February 693990/198618/19720.52"
March 754395/200423/19710.49"
April 8349102/194924/19700.14"
May 9157112/200333/19750.12"
June 10165117/196143/19700.01"
July 10671118/196153/19870.64"
August 10470115/199352/20040.76"
September 9764114/195038/19710.55"
October 8652106/198024/19710.17"
November 724192/198814/20040.21"
December 643592/197510/19900.40"
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