About Hawaii Volcanoes Weather

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park weather is unpredictable, as is much of Hawaii's weather. Temperature varies by elevation. Weather at Kilauea's summit varies daily and may be rainy and chilly any time of the year. The statistics below are taken from the town of Volcano, just east of the park. The coastal plain at the end of Chain of Craters Road is usually hot (15-20F higher than the summit area), dry, and windy with occasional showers.

Month Avg High Avg Low Record High Record Low Avg Pcpt
January 685079/198034/197810.78"
February 675081/197035/19779.13"
March 675090/200138/198314.10"
April 675279/198042/198310.38"
May 695381/200342/19856.29"
June 705493/198345/19825.23"
July 715587/199945/19907.21"
August 735681/198641/19776.31"
September 735585/196045/19816.01"
October 725581/200145/19716.83"
November 705480/200141/194914.06"
December 685178/200131/198311.01"

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