About Grand Canyon Weather

Grand Canyon National Park has two visited areas, one on each rim, with differing weather conditions. The South Rim, the much more popular side, is warm to hot in summer, with frequent thunderstorms. Spring and fall are usually pleasant, and winter is usually tolerable. The North Rim is generally quite a bit cooler, due to its higher elevation, and also experiences more precipitation. The North Rim is closed by snows from about November through April. Conditions change in the extreme within the canyon, where temperatures in summer can exceed 110F. The statistics below are taken from the South Rim - North Rim conditions are generally 5-10F cooler. Inner canyon temperatures can be 15-25F higher.

Month Avg High Avg Low Record High Record Low Avg Pcpt
January 441771/2003-17/19791.58"
February 472069/1996-20/19851.67"
March 522474/2004-1/19871.95"
April 602882/20008/19991.07"
May 703592/200217/19880.63"
June 814295/199425/19760.47"
July 8450101/200335/19971.96"
August 814996/199436/19932.04"
September 754393/200124/19851.40"
October 643383/20038/19911.35"
November 522472/1999-6/19851.28"
December 451865/1979-20/19901.10"
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