DVD and Blu-ray of Grand Canyon National Park

Below is a listing of some videos available for purchase of Grand Canyon National Park. There are several more available, but these are the best we have found.

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Grand Canyon Serenade (DVD/blu-ray combo)
This is a simply beautiful video on Grand Canyon National Park. It is not really a documentary. Instead, breathtaking videography is combined with music to create a stunning multimedia experience. To make things better, this is sold as a combo pack, meaning you get both the blu-ray and the DVD in one package.
Scenic National Parks: Grand Canyon (blu-ray)
This is another high definition feature on Grand Canyon National Park. Unlike the one above, this one has more general information and coverage, though it is still heavy on the visuals. It's not possible to do justice to something like the Grand Canyon on video, but this one is a pretty good attempt.
Grand Canyon: National Parks Collection (DVD)
This is another documentary on Grand Canyon National Park, this one produced by National Geographic. It is part of their National Parks Collection series. It focuses mostly on history and geology, and is not really a general documentary. If that is what you are looking for, get the video above.

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