Books on Grand Canyon National Park

Below is a listing of many of the books available about Grand Canyon National Park. These range from hiking guides, to comprehensive information books and photo books. We use some of these ourselves, and note that in the descriptions. At the bottom of each listing, we list a number of places where these can be currently purchased. Click on the logo of the store you would like to use. Note that books occasionally go out of stock or are discontinued at certain stores. In this case, simply try another merchant, if available.

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Grand Canyon: The Complete Guide
This is without doubt the best overall guide book to the park. The same is true with each of James Kaiser's books, also available for Acadia, Joshua Tree, or Yosemite. They are printed on high quality glossy paper, and are full of information and beautiful full color photos. There are guides that do a better job with individual subjects like hiking, but nothing is better as a one book solution. We use this book personally and recommend it.
Hiking Grand Canyon National Park
This is the Grand Canyon National Park entry in the extensive Falcon Guides series. When looking for a hiking guide book of a park, we generally look for the Falcon Guide first. With few exceptions, they are very good at what they do, and we like to have a consistent format to get used to. Like most books in the Falcon series, there is also a much shorter "Best Easy Day Hikes" companion book, that describes only the shorter hikes. It is listed next.
Best Easy Day Hikes Grand Canyon National Park
This is the Grand Canyon National Park entry in the extensive Falcon Guides Best Easy Day Hikes series. This is the shorter version of the book above. It focuses on the shorter, easier hikes in the book, although some can still be quite steep. There is less general information, and the trail information is more abbreviated, but if all you plan to do is the quick and easy trails, you can save a little money over the full guide above.
The Photographer's Guide to the Grand Canyon
Some people make careers photographing and writing about the Grand Canyon. However, most people will only have a few days to spend in the park. This book is a great resource for learning the best places to shoot from, as well as the best times of day. A very helpful book for any photographer, we use it and recommend it.
The Grand Canyon Reader
This is a fascinating book about Grand Canyon National Park. It is an anthology of writings, stories, and personal accounts, going back as far as 500 years. It has the writings of residents, explorers, employees, and many more.
Lasting Light: 125 Years of Grand Canyon Photography
There are an endless number of photo books of the Grand Canyon. We will list just a few of them here. We start with this stunning hardcover book, which is a collection of some of the best photographs from the last 125 years. A beautiful, and historical, look at the park's scenery.
Images: Jack Dykinga's Grand Canyon
This is another of the countless Grand Canyon photo books, this one featuring the work of Jack Dykinga. It is presented in a very nice hardcover format.
Path of Beauty: Photographic Adventures in the Grand Canyon
This is the last of our three picks of Grand Canyon photo books. Another beautiful hardcover presentation, this one features the work of photographer Christopher Brown. Along with the photos are a series of essays, covering both the beauty and the adventure that the canyon offers.
Grand Canyon: The Story Behind the Scenery
This is the Grand Canyon National Park edition of the very common "The Story Behind the Scenery" series. These books are very commonly found in the visitor centers and gift shops of the parks. They are short, but they provide good photos and general information on the park itself.

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