About Glacier Weather

Glacier National Park has variable weather depending on location. The western valleys receive the most rainfall, while the eastern side of the park stays drier. Temperatures in summer are generally mild and pleasant, although extremes of hot or cold can occur at any time. It becomes much cooler as elevation increaeses. Strong winds are common on the east side of the park, especially the Many Glacier area. Overnight lows throughout the park can drop below freezing, and snow can fall any time of year. There have been several examples of significant snowfall even in August. The weather statistics below are taken from the town of West Glacier just outside the West Entrance.

Month Avg High Avg Low Record High Record Low Avg Pcpt
January 291550/1984-35/19503.16"
February 351958/1950-32/19502.19"
March 432466/2004-30/19601.83"
April 543083/19873/19541.78"
May 653890/198613/19542.66"
June 724493/200324/19593.22"
July 794899/199031/19791.97"
August 794799/196926/19921.67"
September 673995/198818/19851.87"
October 533279/2003-3/19912.07"
November 372565/1999-29/19593.10"
December 301852/1965-36/19683.22"
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