Books on Crater Lake National Park

Below is a listing of many of the books available about Crater Lake National Park. These range from hiking guides, to comprehensive information books and photo books. We use some of these ourselves, and note that in the descriptions. At the bottom of each listing, we list a number of places where these can be currently purchased. Click on the logo of the store you would like to use. Note that books occasionally go out of stock or are discontinued at certain stores. In this case, simply try another merchant, if available.

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Trails of Crater Lake National Park & Oregon Caves National Monument
This is the only trail guide we are aware of for Crater Lake National Park. As the title suggests, it also covers Oregon Caves National Monument, another NPS area found on the drive toward the coast and the Redwood area. Though most people don't consider Crater Lake a hiking park, it has many nice trails, and this book is a worthwhile purchase.
Crater Lake National Park: A Global Treasure
This book is a great overview of Crater Lake National Park. It is heavy on photographs, and could nearly be considered a photo book as well. It is not a guide book in the traditional sense, but more a source of general information and history.
Crater Lake: The Story Behind the Scenery
This is the Crater Lake National Park edition of the very common "The Story Behind the Scenery" series. These books are very commonly found in the visitor centers and gift shops of the parks. They are short, but they provide good photos and general information on the park itself.

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